What To Do When My Carpet Is Damaged Because Of Water Leakage?

What To Do When My Carpet Is Damaged Because Of Water Leakage?

Water leakage is common in every home, burst pipes, tap leakage and drain pipe leakage can trigger this situation. When the leakage happens it affects the floor first, where we have settled our carpets. It is really sad to say that, but when the water reaches to the carpet, it causes huge damage to the carpet.

Moreover, it’s quite difficult to do the carpet water damage restoration, however, it can be done using precise techniques and quick assessment. We all love our carpets and why don’t? We spend a lot of money on purchasing it and when it damages, we feel pain. But not anymore, if you act fast and do the carpet water damage restoration using precise techniques you can restore the carpet damage. In this blog, we will try to discuss the carpet water damage restoration techniques in the best possible way.

Carpet Water Damage Restoration Techniques
Carpet Water Damage Restoration Techniques

Here are The Steps For Carpet Water Damage Restoration Techniques.

Carefully assess all the steps and follow the instruction word by word, do not jump or shuffle the steps, or it’ll not solve your problem.

Clear The Water

Find out where is the leakage, once you have found out the leakage, fix it and start clearing the water. You can use a wet vacuum cleaner to clear the water, set the suction setting at high and remove the excess water. Check the carpet paddings, if it’s soaked in water, you need to change the paddings, as removing water from the paddings is difficult. No matter what you do it’ll hold some amount of dampness, which will later result in mould growth. Thus, get rid of paddings, and place the carpet in a dry or less humid place.

Use Fan & Dehumidifier To Dry The Carpet Quickly

Turn on the fan at full speed and dry the carpet, ventilate the room. You can also turn on the dehumidifier, it’ll control the amount of moisture in the room. After a few hours, the carpet will get dry then proceed to next step.

Steam Clean The Carpet & Clean The Floor

When the carpet comes in contact with water, the dampness makes the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to breed, this results in the growth of fungus and mould. This can make your carpet look ugly, faded and overtime the carpet fibres will weaken. Therefore steam clean the carpet, you can either do it yourself or call professionals, they will assist you and steam clean the carpet thoroughly. While your carpet is getting cleaned, clean the floors, use a disinfectant and clean the floors using it.

Reach Out To The Professionals

What you’ll do well, professional would do it better, you can reach out to the Best Carpet Water Damage Restoration Services. At Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning we provide all types of carpet water damage restoration services, we do the wet carpet cleaning and deal with any type of carpet water damage. We’re the best professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne for booking contact us, our representative will schedule an appointment when we will discuss the process and payment related things. So, hurry and book tour best carpet water damage restoration service.