Carpet Deep Cleaning

While carpet gets dirty from time to time, only vacuuming the carpet can not clean the carpet completely. The term deep cleaning refer to complete cleaning of the carpet, it includes removal of dust, bacteria and making it sanitize. Deep cleaning is the safest and easiest way to clean your carpet, it also doesn’t cause any damage to the carpet fibres and clean it safely. You can use this method when your carpet is too dirty and it needs more than just regular cleaning, or someone special is visiting your home or maybe it’s just holiday season.

Here in this blog you’ll read some ways for carpet deep cleaning, which can increase the life of your carpet by giving it a new look.

Carpet Deep Cleaning

Carpet Deep Cleaning

Here’s The List Of Things Which You Need In Order To Start The Carpet Cleaning.

  • Salt and borax.
  • White Vinegar.
  • A Vacuum Cleaner.
  • A Steam Cleaning Machine. (Rent it if you don’t have one)

Start The Cleaning From The Most Dirty Place.

  • Plug your vacuum cleaning machine and thoroughly clean the carpet, run the vacuum cleaner first vertically and then horizontally on the carpet, grab all the dust and do not stop until all the carpet is completely cleaned.
  • Prepare a solution of borax, vinegar and salt, add ¼ cup of borax and salt in ¼ cup of vinegar and make a paste like thing. Now apply this paste onto the area which is affected by stain or spills and let the paste sit for few hours, so that the stain get light.
  • Now take out the steam cleaning machine and get it prepared for the steam cleaning session, but before doing anything with the machine, read the instruction manual carefully then only start the cleaning, the instruction manual has relevant information which can be really helpful while using the machine.
  • You can do the carpet cleaning using hot water only or adding shampoo to it. If you add shampoo, you’ll do the carpet sanitization. Including dirt, dust and stain, the bacterias will also get cleaned from the carpet. However, the amount of shampoo should be low, if you use too much shampoo, it’ll not get properly cleaned and the remaining shampoo will remain there and  later attract more dirt. Thus, it’s important to use the shampoo as required.
Carpet Sanitization

Carpet Sanitization

Carpet Cleaning Using Hot Water Only.

Carpet cleaning using water is less difficult and can be done in time, turn the machine and run it on the carpet twice from all the surface. The process will remove all the dust, debris and bacteria from the carpet.

  • When you’re done with carpet cleaning, leave the carpet where air can easily dry it, turn on the fan the carpet will get dry in a day or two.

Reach out to professionals.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning