Carpet Cleaning Services
What kind of equipment you use for carpet cleaning?

ANS: Deluxe Carpet steam cleaning technicians uses both truck mounted hot water extraction and portable systems. They pick the equipment according to the accessibility of your home.

Can you restore carpets from water damage?

Yes! We specialize in carpet restoration from water damage – be it of any kind. Whether you have unfortunately suffered from an unexpected flood or your roof has leaked spoiling

What if I don’t know what kind of a fabric my carpet is made of?

Don’t worry. There is a manufacturer’s tag that describes all details including the fabric and its cleaning instructions. However, if you don’t even find that then leave it to us.

I am scared that my expensive carpet will be spoiled by machines/chemicals.

When you hire experts from Deluxe Carpet Cleaning, you can be sure that your expensive carpets are in safe and experienced hands. We have a specialized team of dedicated, experienced,

Where are your commercial carpet cleaning services available?

Deluxe Carpet Cleaning offers its domestic and commercial carpet steam and dry cleaning services in Melbourne’s all suburbs. So whether you stay in Southern, Eastern, Western, or Northern suburbs of

How is carpet steam cleaning different from carpet dry cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning refers to a process that involves hot water extraction technique. Hot water is injected into carpet using high pressure and then the water is extracted out. With

Can you handle carpet repair requests?

Yes, we do take carpet repair requests in Melbourne. Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning has a specialized team for carpet repairing services. Give us a call to have word with our

Does steam cleaning damage the carpet?

Not at all! Steam cleaning is considered one of the best cleaning methods to get rid of the deeply embedded soil and contaminants from a dirty carpet. Even leading carpet

Do you provide carpet steam cleaning on weekends?

Yes, we do carpet steam cleaning on weekends as well. We don’t like taking breaks at Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning. We work non-stop to be at our customers’ services whenever

What kind of chemicals do you use for carpet cleaning?

At Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning, we take special care of your carpets in the best possible way. To ensure the softness, brightness, luster, and life of your carpets is extended