How to Fix a Torn Carpet?

How to Fix a Torn Carpet?

Wearing and tearing of the carpet that is a daily experience of carpet owners. There is a high possibility that your carpet will require repairing after a point of time.

A small carpet tear can become very annoying and ugly, but still you can undergo torn carpet repair without undergoing the drastic action of replacing it. You can also undergo carpet patching even if you have a large area of multiple tears such as those caused by your pets. This will make your carpet new as before.

Professional Carpet Repair Services
Professional Carpet Repair Services

Things Required for Fixing Tears

You will need the following items while you are fixing the tears in the carpet.

Latex Seam Adhesive or Heat-Activated Carpet

  • Steam Iron
  • Scissors
  • Superglue
  • Chisel
  • Needle
  • Carpet thread
  • Knee kicker
  • Chalk
  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Spare carpet
  • Double-sided tape
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • Flat-edged implement such as ruler

Fixing Small Tears

Firstly, slide a thin, flat-edged implementation such as a ruler under the carpet. This will help in lifting up the edge that has torn out. Now fold back the torn area of the carpet as much as the tear allows. Run a line of latex seam adhesive along the bottom edge of the tear. Put the carpet back down and push it into place. Alternatively, you can also cut a piece of heat-activated tape a couple of inches longer than the tear. Slide the tape under the torn area and iron over the tape with the help of a steam iron, gradually pushing the carpet into the heated tape.

Expert Carpet Repair Services
Expert Carpet Repair Services

You will have to replace any of the missing fibres along the torn area. Cut of a few fibres from the different areas of the carpet. Make sure these fibres are cut out from inconspicuous areas such as those present underneath the furniture or baseboards. Attach these fibres individually along the torn area with superglue.

Fixing Large Tears

Use a chisel in order to pry up a corner of the carpet from the tack strips closest to the damaged section. Fold back the carpet far enough in exposing the area under the torn area of carpet. Sew stitches of one inches so that he torn part closes. Put the stitches a quarter of inches apart at the back of the carpet. Ensure that the stitches are not visible. Apply a line of latex adhesive to the back of the carpet along the stiches. Create a wavy line that encompasses both sides of the stiches. Now roll the carpet back into its original place and with the help of a knee-kicker reattach the carpet back to its tack strips.

Fixing Multiple Tears

Draw a square around the damaged area of the carpet with the help of a chalk and a straight edge. Measure the width and depth of the square that has been cut from a piece of spare of carpet to a size according to the measurements. Cut along the chalk line with the help of a utility knife and remove the damaged area of the carpet. Remember not to cut through the underlay. Attach the double-sided tape to the underlay around the edges of the removed area. Place the square of the spare carpet into place and press it onto the tape. Use a fine-tooth comb and blend the edges of the existing carpet as well as the new area that has been patched.

Carpet Damage Repair
Carpet Damage Repair

To Get The Services On Call

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