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Easy Steps For Extracting Water & Drying The Carpet.

Flood can be really devastating for your carpet, especially when they’re placed in basements. When the basement is flooded with water, your carpet gets damaged badly and to fix this, you need to follow the proper water damage carpet cleaning. The flood water contains toxic elements, which continuously worsen the condition of the carpet, thus it’s important to restore the carpet as soon as you can.

Flood water is kept under the category 3 type of water damage or black water because flood water contains harmful bacteria which may cause discomfort or sickness in any humans or animals. When your carpet gets wet due to flood water, the first thing you need to do is to keep it dry. Also, water damage carpet cleaning is necessary, as carpet sanitization is necessary to remove any kind of bacteria.

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

Look For Source Of The Damage.

Once you find out the actual reason behind carpet water damage, you can start the water damage carpet cleaning. If there was any leakage, fix the leakage first, so that it won’t happen again if rainwater is making way through the basement, you need to fix it as well.

Start Water Extraction.

When the flood is stopped and you can start the carpet water extraction. Use a pump to suck excess water and make the basement free from water. You can go for rental pump equipment available, you can use them in order to remove the water.

When all the floating water has been sucked out, use a  wet/dry vacuum to pull out the remaining water. Properly use the machine and remove all the water from the carpet, you need to dedicatedly keep trying as the work require you to completely remove the water, so keep working until the carpet is dry satisfactorily.

Carpet Sanitization

Carpet Sanitization

Take Help From Fans Or Dehumidifiers

Fans can be really helpful in reducing the drying time, turn on the ceiling fan or portable fan in the premises. Open windows and ventilate the area. You can also turn on the dehumidifier, it’d be very helpful in drying the carpet quickly. All this technique will remove the excess moisture in the room.

Moreover, if there’s padding in the carpet it’s better to separate it and throw it out. Padding soaks up water and can develop moulds easily if you try to dry it, it’ll not only take time but infect the carpet with mould. So, it’s better to throw the padding and give a new life to your carpet.

Clean and Sanitize The Carpet.

Water damage carpet cleaning and carpet sanitization is necessary, as the bacteria can be risky, thus they needed to be cleaned and removed completely. Shampoo cleaning or steam cleaning can be done in order to remove the bacteria from the carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners.

While it’s always better to do some work on your own, water damage carpet cleaning should be handled by professionals. Professional carpet cleaners such as Deluxe Steam Carpet Cleaning has mastered in the carpet cleaning industry. Our unique ways of dealing with carpet water damage are different and effective. We use organic ways to keep your carpet clean and sanitize also our service cost is relatively very less.  You can contact us to know the carpet water damage restoration cost to get the free quotes and get you water damage carpet cleaning done.