There have been several on-going debates that which type of cleaning is best to adopt for carpets at home.
As per various carpet cleaning professionals, Wet Carpet Cleaning often leaves water and moisture behind which may penetrate beneath the layers of the carpet. This can damage the carpet as it makes the padding soapy and soggy.

The Real Issue with Wet Carpet Cleaning

The major issue with wet carpet cleaning is that although care is taken to remove all the dirty water from the carpet, by that time, moisture already reaches the padding and the layers of the carpets.

In a recent study conducted, it was found that if one wants to remove all the dirty water from the layers of the carpets then, the hot water extraction technique has to be repeated for 15-16 times, which is a hell lot of work to do and no professional help would agree to do this.

Also, the moisture left behind becomes source and host of fungus, molds, and carpet may become stinky.

Another issue, associated with wet cleaning of the carpets is that spots and stains which are hard to remove often retain over the surface of the carpet once it dries out. This re-surfacing of the spots won’t get your attention until the carpet is dry completely. So, wet cleaning may sometimes create a delusion of cleanliness in the eyes of the owner.

The Advantages Offered by Dry Cleaning Of Carpets

With the invention of various modern techniques, low moisture carpet cleaning system has come into the market. Under this process, the carpet takes about 30-40 minutes to dry out completely. This short time does not allow the penetration of moisture in the layers of the carpet or affect the padding as well.

Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Services

Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Services

It is a guaranteed fact that dry cleaning of carpets is capable of removing stubborn spots and stains. Additionally, the equipment which is used while dry cleaning the carpets is less expensive as compared to that of wet cleaning. They are easy to transport, store and maintain as well.

As a matter of fact, dry cleaning is an eco-friendly method that uses perfectly organic cleaning agents and leaves behind no harsh side effects on the material of the carpet.

Conclusion- Which Process is really the Best?

For a routine clean-up of commercial as well as residential carpets and rugs, it is recommended to go with dry organic carpet cleaning process. This is because of the fact that this method is absolutely eco-friendly, and dries the carpet within few a minutes.

Also, the adoption of either wet or dry cleaning way mainly depends upon circumstances. For example, in places where there is a damage caused due to flooding, water leakage, overflowing sinks and the likes, it is best to go with hot water extraction process or wet carpet cleaning only.