Carpet Cleaning Services

Best Quality Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Perth

Carpet Cleaning Perth. Stay assured. Your dirty carpets would no more bother you! Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning is here at your service.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Perth

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Perth

We provide the best carpet cleaning services in Perth and make sure that your carpets remain hygienic, and free from dust and dust mites, bacteria, mould, soil and good particle, pet hair and dander throughout!

What’s More?

Our specialized carpet cleaning services target special sensitivities of your house and keep the indoor environment smelling fresh.

We Assure:

  • 100% satisfaction
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Licensed and certified carpet cleaners in Perth
  • Flexible booking slots
  • Fast drying time
  • Same day carpet cleaning

Award Winning Carpet Cleaning Services in Perth

Carpet Cleaning Perth

Carpet Cleaning Perth

Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning serves almost all the areas of the city so that everyone can take advantage of our services. We are one of the leading carpet cleaning concerns in Perth city and are preferred due to the excellent carpet cleaning services that we deliver.

Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning provides quality carpet cleaning services to all the residential and commercial customers. Our professionally designed services address virtually any of your personnel and professional indoor cleaning needs.

We care for your premises and our experienced carpet cleaning professionals help each and every customer adopting to create a bright and vibrant atmosphere inside their houses.

No matter whatever your house size is, our cleaning specialists give your house the best professional attention so as to renew the beauty of your house.

Our award-winning carpet cleaning services demonstrate responsiveness to each of our customers.

So why wait book our services to get your carpets and upholstery cleaned today.

Carpet Repairing in Perth

Carpet Repairing in Perth

Our Flagship Carpet Cleaning Services in Perth

Have a detailed look at the services that we provide:

  • Carpet Repair

    Don’t replace your old and worn out carpets because our carpet repair professionals can get them repaired at very reasonable costs.

  • End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    If you are moving out of your rental property and want to restore back the original look of the used carpet, just opt for our end of lease carpet cleaning services and you are done.

  • Carpet Stain Removal

    Daily foot traffic causes the development of deep stains on the carpets. Our carpet cleaning professionals would help you get rid of the toughest stains by their eco-friendly process and products.

  • Carpet Stain Protection

    Not only stain removal, but our carpet cleaning experts also advice you on how to protect your carpets from further staining.

  • Carpet Sanitizing

    Don’t worry if you are allergic to certain cleaning solutions and their smell, our carpet sanitizing service remove all the trapped odors and leave your house smelling fresh.

  • Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration

    Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration in Perth

    Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration in Perth

    If you have faced a recent flood in your house, our water damage restoration team would dry your carpets and make them look new and fresh like before.

  • Flood Restoration

    Not only curtains, we provide restoration of almost all the flood-damaged things. Our team of experts gets every drop of water out from the wet ones.

  • Emergency Wet Carpet Cleaning and Drying

    If for some reason your carpets have gone wet and you are facing problem in drying, book us to get every inch of your carpets dried.

  • Water Flood Damage Carpet Restoration

    Flood not only damages the carpets but also triggers mold growth. Our carpet cleaning experts with their proven methods restore the original texture of the carpets and also ensure that no further mold growth occurs on it in future.

Our Reliable Carpet Cleaning Process

Reliable Carpet Cleaning in Perth

Reliable Carpet Cleaning in Perth

The over-reaching principles of the cleaning process are mentioned below to give you an idea as to what is going on when your carpets are cleaned by a trained professional. Have a look:

  • Inspection

    Our experts identify the carpet, its type, fabric and how old it is. They also identify the stain, their types and the best cleaning process.

  • Dusting

    We start by removing the overlying dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a broom. This step is essential as the overlying dust creates a hindrance in the further cleaning process.

  • Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning Services in Peth

    Carpet Cleaning Services in Peth

    Next, the experts clean the deeply embedded dirt with help of a suitable method. The method we adopt depends on the carpet fabric and its age.

    We use effective chemicals to lift the embedded dirt off the carpet fibers. We take care that we use only the right chemicals for cleaning so that they are safe for the carpet and your family too.

  • Heat and temperature treatment

    To enhance the cleaning process, our experts use warm detergent solution. The step makes the embedded dirt swell, thus removing it easily from the carpets.

  • Agitation

    We adopt this step if the carpets are heavily soiled. In this step, we scrub the carpets gently with help of a rotatory machine.

    The detergent is left on the carpets for some time so that the dirt particles adhere to the detergent strongly.

  • Vacuuming

    We use large truck mounted vacuum pumps to remove the detergent from the carpet fibers.

  • Drying

    Drying Carpet Cleaning Service

    Drying Carpet Cleaning Service

    For drying, we use large blowers. This step dries every inch of your carpets and also removes the trapped odors from it. Next, we apply sanitizers to make the carpets smell fresh.

  • Touch-up

    We apply carpet protectors so as to protect the carpet fibers from further damage and to maintain their cleanliness for a longer period of time.

  • Post-inspection

    Lastly, we do a thorough inspection of the carpets. We look for spots and stains that do not respond to the treatment given. If there are any, we re-do it again and make sure that they are gone this time.

Why Hire Us?

Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning provides a range of benefits:

Same Day Carpet Steam Cleaning

Same Day Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • We only send certified and licensed carpet cleaners
  • We also provide carpet stain treatment
  • Carpet deodorization is provided on request
  • We use pet and kids-friendly detergents
  • We use latest carpet cleaning techniques including hot water extraction
  • Scotchguard stain protection is also available

Our Work Philosophy

Customers are our priority so we make sure that we provide the best carpet cleaning services in Perth. Whether you need cleaning for a single rug or require cleaning for all the carpets of your house, we welcome every business and ensure that we do it correctly.

We strive to provide the best possible services to you because your faith is very important for us. We always try to build a strong and long term relation with our customers; your satisfaction is our primary goal.

Feel free to call us if any time you feel that you are not satisfied with our services.

Our polite customer service team welcomes all your queries and sorts it out to the best of your satisfaction.

Fabulous cleaning

I work at a local shop where cleaning the carpets is a time consuming work. Thanks to Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning, they eased my work by providing best services at a reasonable price.
- Daniel Emma

Get a new look of carpets

I was always dreaming to give a new look to my wonderful carpets. I got these carpets from my ancestors. They were very old and special to me. When I called this Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning company and informed them about my carpets they assured me about their service. They kept their words in true sense.
- Emily

Totally amazing service

I have a carpet which became dirty due to a lot of dust. Therefore, I decided to go for Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning for its cleaning. I did not want to make my carpet rough by washing it at home. Their cleaning was superb as they made my carpet free from floor stains as well that made me totally amazed.
- Kyle ebony

Location: Perth, WA, Australia