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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane – Brisbane’s No 1 Carpet Steam Cleaning Company offers your professional carpet stain removal services, carpet shampooing, carpet deodrising, carpet sanitisation, spot removal & treatment. ☎ 0488 849 531 for same day cleaning bookings for domestic and commercial properties.

We provide 100% GUARANTEED Eco-Friendly Carpet Steam Cleaning and effective stain removal. Our licensed and certified cleaners deliver a flawless domestic as well as commercial carpet cleaning solutions. We not just clean carpets but also provide crucial services such as carpet stain removal and carpet mould removal.

Why Do You Need Carpet Cleaning Services?

Your carpet plays a vital role in defining the decor of your home/office. It is also that one piece of furnishing that attracts most of the dust, soil, and pollution. With all the foot traffic it has to bear, it is obvious that requires special kind of cleaning on a regular basis to maintain it in a proper way. A dirty carpet leads to the growth of unwanted elements such as bacteria, fungi, mould, and other contaminants. All of these are harmful enough to cause fatal healthy problems to you and your loved ones. Sneezing, coughing, red eyes, running nose, itchiness are some symptoms that indicate your carpet requires professional cleaning. Cleaning methods employed at home are not efficient enough for deep carpet cleaning. These are the reasons that you need professional experts.

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    Brisbane’s Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Specialists

    Carpet Cleaning Specialists at Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning are the best in Brisbane. Our cleaners are expert in:

    • Double story home carpet steam cleaning
    • Single Story Carpet Steam Cleaning
    • Carpet Allergy Cleaning
    • Odour Removal
    • Green & Eco Friendly Service
    • Constructive approach to finish up with carpet cleaning for your satisfaction
    • Flood Emergency Response
    • High Rise Apartments Carpet Steam Cleaning
    • Punctuality and providing carpet friendly cleaning
    Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Brisbane
    Carpet Cleaning Experts Brisbane

    Best Revelation Of Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Our carpet steam cleaners are the best & are available for regular carpet cleaning, off season and spring cleaning, pre & post party carpet steam cleaning and  other carpet cleaning services in Brisbane.

    • Our Carpet Cleaning specialists have AU Government recognised qualifications
    • Over 15 years experience in Carpet Cleaning
    • Happy Customers all Over Brisbane
    • Fully trained caret cleaners and equipped technician
    • Carpet Steam Cleaning according to the Australian Standards
    • Same day booking
    • Dust Mite & Anti Allergen Treatments
    • Wool Carpet Cleaning

    We Offer:

    Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process involves:

    • Carpet Steam Cleaning
    • Hot water extraction
    • Carpet Dry Cleaning
    • Carpet Dry Compound Cleaning
    • Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning
    • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning
    • Carpet Shampooing
    • Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning
    • Vacuum Carpet Wash
    • Home Carpet Cleaning Services
    • Carpet Vacuuming
    • Best Carpet Stain Removal
    • Carpet Fabric Protection – E-Gard
    • No Carpet Shrinkage or Color Fade
    • Eco friendly non harmful carpet cleaning chemicals
    • No wet smell after carpet steam cleaning
    • Carpet Healthguard™ Treatment
    • Guaranteed Germs & Bacteria Removal
    • Fast Carpet Drying after Steam cleaning
    Best Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Local Team For Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Our Carpet Cleaners are local and live nearby your home for carpet cleaning services. Do you wish to save your carpets from replacement? Are you interested in quality carpet cleaning services that can bring back the shine and brightness of your carpet? Come to Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Brisbane – a leading name for exciting range of complete carpet care. For more than two decades, we have served domestic as well as commercial clients by delivering guaranteed results for carpet cleaning solutions. We always leave our customers happy and content with our services.

    Professional Carpet Sanitisation Service In Brisbane

    We are Brisbane’s leading carpet sanitisation service team. We offer a range of services including carpet shampooing, steam cleaning and pet stain removal before sanitising your carpets. Our team has been servicing this area for over 10 years. Our team of expert technicians use a safe and effective process, which leaves your carpet looking new again and free of germs. Contact us today to learn more about our services or make an appointment!

    What to expect from Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Brisbane?

    If you’re looking to have your carpets steam cleaned in Brisbane, look no further than Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning. Here at our company, we offer a wide range of services that will suit the needs of any customer. Whether you need a quick carpet clean for your apartment or office space, want to get rid of allergens from pets and children with our allergy relief service, or are looking for something more intensive like stain removal or area rug cleaning – we can take care of all your needs. Our cleaners are trained professionals who use only eco-friendly products so you know it’s safe for both people and pets alike! We also provide free quotes so don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about what we do. We deliver following benefits:

    • Clean & hygienic carpets
    • More life to carpets
    • Improved indoor air
    • Contaminants free carpets
    • Shinier and brighter carpet
    • Carpet Stairs Steam Cleaning
    • Carpet Sanitizing
    • Complete peace of mind
    Affordable Carpet Cleaning

    How Do We Perform Carpet Cleaning In Brisbane?

    Our cleaners are trained in both carpet steam cleaning as well as carpet dry cleaning. The choice of method depends on the kind of fabric your carpet is made of, the extent of cleaning required, how tough stains are there, and how old the carpet is. After keen inspection our expert cleaners will choose one of these methods that are explained below:

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    We do a fiber test of the carpet to be cleaned. We have various eco-cleaning solutions that are designed for different types of carpet fabric. So we first need to know the fabric of the carpet to choose the right cleaning solution. We then use dry vacuuming that helps in getting rid of dry particles – soil, dust, food particles etc. In this step, the stains get loosened which are further treated with effective cleaning agents.

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Brisbane

    When we do carpet dry cleaning, we understand the importance of using less water and hastening the drying process. We use the latest technology where no moisture carpet cleaning method is used for carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal. This leaves no moisture but only beautiful and clean carpets.

    Professional Carpet Mould Removal Brisbane

    The team of our professionals know all the possible ways to restore your carpets and carpet mould restoration is one of our specialised treatments. Trying to remove mould growth on your own may lead to several horrific situations in the home and to your carpets. Mould growth can lead to health problems like asthama, constant cough, wheezing and many skin allergies. Thus it is important you treat the mould development on your carpet as soon as it appears. You must hire the professional to get the job done in an effective and safe manner. Call us for same day carpet mould removal.

    Carpet Stain Removal Scothguard™ Treatment

    Carpet Stain Removal Scothguard™ Treatment is a revolutionary new approach to remove stains and odors caused by pets, children, and accidents. The treatment lasts long after you clean the carpeting because it binds with your carpet. So when you vacuum or steam clean your carpets in the future, Carpet Stain Removal Scothguard™ Treatment will be released back onto the surface of your carpet to provide protection again! It’s so easy – just apply our specially formulated solution to your carpets and let dry for 12 hours before vacuuming away any excess liquid. And keep in mind that this product also protects against mold & mildew growth too! If you’re looking for an effective way to tackle stubborn stains on your carpets then try this service from us.

    Carpet Shampooing Brisbane

    It is important to clean and maintain your carpets because they pick up dirt, debris, and allergens that can be harmful to your carpet and health. We use Carpet Shampooing to make sure not only do we remove the stains but also eliminate unpleasant odors from pets or food spills. Contact us today for a free quote! 

    Why Book Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Brisbane?

    Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is a family owned Australia business providing very cost effective carpet cleaning services. We give you many reasons to choose our carpet cleaners for your home or office. Some of these are:

    • Experienced carpet cleaning team
    • Quick and prompt service team
    • Family owned and operated company
    • All carpet services under one roof
    • No extra weekend charges!
    • Round the clock customer care
    • Certified carpet cleaners
    • Green & eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions
    • Services all across Brisbane
    • No Hidden Charges
    • Same day and emergency carpet cleaning available
    Reliable Carpet Cleaning

    Experience Carpet Cleaning

    Our Major Customers in Brisbane?

    Brisbane is a major city in Queensland, Australia. It has the third-largest metropolitan area in Australia and the largest outside of Sydney. Do you live here? If so, we need to talk about your carpet – it’s time for some cleaning and maintenance! Our company provides professional carpet cleaning services like steam cleaning and shampooing, as well as stain removal tasks. We take great pride in providing our customers with quality workmanship at affordable prices. We cater carpet cleaning needs to all kinds of customers ranging from domestic to commercial customers which includes:

    1. IGA Superstores
    2. Medical Centers
    3. Aged Care Centers
    4. Schools Carpet Steam Cleaning
    5. Child Care Centers carpet Dry/Steam Cleaning

    Call Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Brisbane now on 0488 849 531 for a free quote and consultation!


    "Stupendous Quality Service"

    Carpet QLD
    I received the stupendous quality cleaning services. Their cleaners have the proper experience, eligibility, and training and they assure me to get the genuine carpet steam cleaning service. Thanks!
    - Denaye

    Beneficial Service

    Carpet QLD
    When you hire Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning you will receive many benefits like they provide same day service and the price they charge is much cheaper. That doesn't mean that they comprise on the quality. I feel so lucky that I found this company. I am their client forever now because they have got experienced cleaners who have good knowledge about the fabric and use the appropriate method to clean the carpet. They are the best choice for all the people who are desiring for a beneficial carpet cleaning service.
    - Wood Leigh

    Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

    FAQ’s Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    What is best for carpet cleaning at home?

    Carpet cleaning is necessary to keep your home looking fresh and clean. It can be difficult to tell what type of cleaner will work best for you, but it’s important not to take the task lightly. Your carpets are a huge investment in your home, so make sure they’re taken care of properly! You can consult the experts to know the suitable cleaning method for your carpets.

    Can stains damage the carpet fabric?

    If you’re like most homeowners, you might not know the answer to this question. But don’t worry – we have all the information you need. One thing is for sure: stains can damage your carpet fabric if they are left untreated for too long.

    Why sometimes do you require an emergency carpet cleaning?

    Your carpet may not seem dirty, but it could be harbouring a number of bacteria. You might find that your allergies are worse after spending time in your home or you have noticed an increase in the number of sneezes from family members. It’s possible that these symptoms are due to allergens being trapped by carpets and not given enough airflow to dissipate them. Now, you require an emergency carpet cleaning.