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Can I Clean My Own Carpets?

The very good answer to the above question is yes. Definitely, you can have your carpet cleaning with the best cleaning solutions. After all, you all know that a clean carpet is essential both for the beauty of your home and the health of your family members who live in it. To have a dirty or stained carpet is quite common in all the houses. The question is how can you clean them on your own? What ways can you opt for your Deep Carpet Cleaning? If you want to know different ways to clean your own carpet, you can continue reading below.

Carpet Vacuuming Services
Carpet Vacuuming Services

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

  • First, you have to prepare your room to be vacuumed. Pick up coins, toys, papers, or other objects from your carpet so that your vacuum cleaner cannot be damaged.
  • If you cannot reach under your furniture without moving it, you can use the cranny extension to remove the dust collected under couches and other pieces of furniture.
  • As pet hairs are not good for health, it should be vacuumed regularly. It is recommendable that a person with two cats or dogs should vacuum their carpet three to four times a week.
  • However, the method of vacuum cleaning cannot be used for the process of carpet stain removal as it is only suitable to clean the dust and pet hairs from the carpet.

Spot Cleaning For Your Carpets

  • If you have noticed some fresh blood stain on your carpet, you can use any of the carpet detergents available in the market with hydrogen peroxide or cold water. You can instantly find your carpet free from fresh blood stain.
  • For pet urine, make the use of an enzyme-based carpet cleaner especially made for this kind of stain. If you cannot find such a cleaner, you can even blot fresh stains with an ammonia solution followed by warm water and detergent.
  • For the process of ink stain removal, you can use any detergents that are suitable to remove the stains of the ink spilled on your carpet.
  • As there are many Best Carpet Cleaners in Adelaide obtainable in the stores, you can choose among them by reading the label to determine which cleaner is right for your carpet stain and type.
Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

Consider Us for Your Carpet-Associated Issues

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