Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Melbourne get you fresh & clean look for your carpets! Our carpet cleaners provide FREE pretreatment of the stains. We are team of local cleaners in Melbourne. Can reach to your property on the same day of carpet cleaning booking. In emergency our carpet cleaners available 24 hours. We offer 15 days service guarantee promised money back Guarantee if in any case you not satisfied with our carpet steam cleaning service.

Please call now on 1800 138 179  for the Same Day Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne!!! Hire Best Carpet Cleaners from $29 per Room


Same Day Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

In emergency, our carpet cleaners can reach at your home or office on the same day of the booking. We are team of your local carpet cleaners and available for the same day carpet steam cleaning service. Our carpet steam cleaners quickly dry your caprets and you can walk on the carpet within 30 minutes after the cleaning.

Dirty Carpet may contains bacteria, mould, fungi, dangerous germs etc. may cause serious health problems.  Our cleaners are professional, trained and experienced in steam cleaning cleaning service. We use Hot Water Extraction method which can kills the all germs underneath you carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

In emergency we can arrive to your property in Melbourne very quickly for the carpet steam cleaning. We got team of  10 carpet cleaners, one of them can get to your property for same day carpet cleaning service in Melbourne. If you are looking to get rid of your old  stains, bacteria, mold, fungi, dirty carpets and wanted to install new, wait… Give us call first for Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning to get fresh look of your carpet because we.

  1. Team of local carpet cleaners in Melbourne
  2. All our our carpet steam cleaners are experienced, certified & professional.
  3. We offer 7 days 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the carpet steam cleaning.
  4. Fair Prices and better carpet cleaning deals.
  5. Our carpet cleaning specialist are proficient in all types of carpet cleaning.
  6. Expert in removing every possible stains.
  7. We use Melbourne made eco friendly carpet cleaning chemicals, safe for your family and pets.
  8. Same day Carpet Dry or Steam Cleaning Service.
  9. Available 24 X 7 for emergency carpet cleaning.
  10. You can walk on clean within 1 hour of cleaning. Quick Carpet dry cleaning service.

Certified Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne

  1. We use 5 step carpet cleaning process, make use extract dust from deep your carpet.
  2. Our company fully insured and cover upto 10 millions of cover.
  3. Free Stain acidity testing and pre treatment with the eco friendly cleaning solutions.
  4. Carpet Treatment with deodoriser Additional service you may like to avail with our standard carpet cleaning.
  5. We use HOT Water Extraction method for carpet steam cleaning service.
  6. We do a pH test the stain if required.
  7. You can book our carpet cleaning services via online chat with Leanne, or via email or over the phone.
  8. You may also schedule a carpet cleaning appointment in Melbourne.
  9. Our carpet cleaners are fully certified in flood damage restoration service in Melbourne.
  10. Beautify your Home carpet by hiring us every time you need cleaning.


Home Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Melbourne residents experiences biggest problems in carpet because carpets in Melbourne are hub of number of pollutants such as bacteria, pet urine, pets hairs, dead skin, vomits, coffee stains, lipstick stains, dust particles,dust, dust mites,allergens, dirt, food particles and fungi. Dirty carpets may cause asthma, allergies and other health related issues.

Deluxe Carpet Cleaning helps Melbourne households to get rid of all these dangerous particles by using hot water extraction method. Hot water Extraction method inject hot steam deep into layers of your carpets.  High temperature steam kills any bacteria, fungi etc inside your carpet then extract the the steamed water from the carpet. This process will remove any harmful bacteria from your carpets.


Best Carpet Cleaning Deals in Melbourne

Special Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne offer – 15% discount for any steam cleaning service.
Our carpet steam cleaning Melbourne customers notice the significant difference after Melbourne carpet steam cleaning with Deluxe Steam Cleaning. Our carpet steam cleaners 100% deliver great service and results every time. At Deluxe Steam Cleaning Melbourne, we only use biodegradable, green cleaning detergents.
Please visit our Customer Enquiries page. Deluxe carpet steam cleaning Melbourne delivers high quality cleaning including per-treated, disinfected & steam cleaning in Melbourne and Surrounding area.

Carpet Cleaners Melbourne

Carpet Cleaners Melbourne


Steam Carpet Cleaners Melbourne

Deluxe carpet cleaning Melbourne got team of 10 experienced carpet cleaners. In emergency, we can send professional carpet steam cleaner at your commercial or residential property on the same day of booking. In case all our carpet cleaners are fully booked we can book you in for the next day carpet cleaning service.

Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne use gentle process of steam cleaning, our professional carpet cleaners increases the longevity and lifespan of your carpets. Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne as name suggests provide highest standards of carpet steam cleaning services across Victoria.

Our carpet steam cleaners team known for professional, high quality, friendly customer service. Our Cleaners clean your carpet as its our own. We uses Australian Made high standard carpet cleaning products.


Emergency Carpet Restorations Melbourne

In case of emergency, either flood damage, vomit on carpet or pet urine we can provide prompt, express emergency carpet cleaning service within 20 minutes of your call. Carpet steam cleaning is serious business at Deluxe Carpet Cleaning. Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne excellent at removing stain from your carpets. We are also available for carpet flood damage water extraction.


Melbourne’s Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Company

Deluxe Carpet Steam Company award many time for offering best cleaning services across Melbourne. Please feel free to give us to get quote 24 X 7 over the phone.

We are:

  • Fully Insured Carpet Steam Cleaning Company.
  • Best practice certified carpet cleaners.
  • Specialist extraction Carpet cleaning tools.
  • On call us we will travel anywhere to steam your carpets.
  • Quick Response Prevents Health & Property Damage.
  • Emergency 24/7 Flood Water Removal & Extraction.
  • Flood water damage Restoration & Cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Best Carpet Water Extraction Service in Melbourne.
  • Carpet Flood Restoration.
  • Carpet Mould Damage.
  • No more wet smell after carpet steam cleaning service.


Flood Damage Carpet Restoration Service in Melbourne

Is your carpet suffering from water damage, including leakage, poor drainage, runoff from dishwashers or washing machines? It might be time to commission a carpet steaming cleaning in Melbourne !

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet  Steam Cleaning Melbourne

With a same day service that offers excellent results and a cost effective service, you wont be disappointed. Don’t allow your floor covering to become a source of structural damage, filth or simply a bad smell. At Deluxe, you will be pleasantly surprised by our ability to uproot these negative consequences of water damage with our time tested technique.

Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne


Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne team capable of restoring the  flooded carpet back to its original form. Flood Carpet should never be leaved untreated that can turn your carpet into a cesspool of bacteria, rot and permanent mould. With our assistance, you can avoid these potentially dangerous outcomes and restore your carpets to like new condition.
At Deluxe, we understand how water damage can quickly threaten your homes assets. That’s why we offer a same day emergency service. That’s right; we will come straight to your door, on the same day, no questions asked.
You will find us easy to book and work with, because we look forward to doing business with our customers. We understand customers enable our business, which is why we will never offer you a poor service.


We Offers following carpet cleaning services in Melbourne

That’s why you will never be disappointed with Deluxe Cleaning and our team of cleaning consultants.
As well as steam cleaning, our company offers:

  • Carpet Water Extraction
  • Carpet Flood Recovery
  • Carpet Flood Restoration
  • Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
  • carpet steam cleaning Melbourne
  • Carpet Water Restoration
  • Carpet Mould Restoration
  • Roof Leak On Carpet
  • Storm Water On Carpet
  • Washing Machine Flooded Carpet
  • Hot Water System Leak On Carpet
  • Tap Water Overflow On Carpet
  • Wet Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Water Removal
  • Flooded Carpet Clean Up
Carpet Cleaner Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaner Melbourne


Contact Us for Carpet Steam Cleaning

Don’t prolong the damage. Within 24 hours pending water damage, chances are you will need a carpet replacement. Prolonged exposure to wet will guarantee that all of the carpet and furniture will have to be removed while new carpet is put in place.
Are you interested in protecting your investment from incurring more costs? Call us now on 1800138179 for a free quote and consultation.

Carpet Steam Cleaner Melbourne

Carpet Cleaner at work in Melbourne


We Offer Cleaning Services other than Carpet Cleaning Too:

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Melbourne Carpet Steam Cleaning


Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Team in Melbourne

The Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning team comprises certified and extremely qualified carpet cleaners. All our cleaners are well-versed with the insignia of our company i.e. provide complete customer satisfaction to each client. Our cleaners live across Melbourne to attend to any carpet cleaning service from any part of Melbourne.

Carpet Cleaning Team in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Team in Melbourne

  1. Robert serves as the main carpet cleaner of Deluxe Cleaner in the Eastern suburbs.
  2. Bailey makes the most of his skilled hands serving the people of the Northern suburbs.
  3. Jackson takes care of the customers living in the Western suburbs.
  4. Dylan is head of the Southern suburbs and all carpet steam cleaning requests of the area are handled by him.
Carpet Stain Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaner at Work in Melbourne


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Our Carpet Cleaning Services Locations in Melbourne

Deluxe Carpet Cleaning provide all types of carpet cleaning services over 100 locations in Melbourne. Call us for FREE no obligation quote.

Prompt & Effective Carpet Stain Removal

4 5 1
I was surprised to receive prompt and effective carpet stain removal from Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne. They agreed to do the job on a very short notice and delivered an effective service. All stains have been cleaned and the carpet looks absolutely fresh again.

All Stains Removed with Carpet Steam Cleaning

5 5 1
We have been using carpet steam cleaning service every year but never got such an amazing result. The cleaners from Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning ensured that every single stain from the carpet was removed. Even the tiniest and lightest ones were completely erased from the carpet. What a wonderful cleaning service and what a dedication!

Exceptional service

5 5 1
Would highly recommend deluxe carpet steam cleaning prompt service and satisfaction. Will definitely use this service again.

Best Ever Experience of Carpet Cleaning

5 5 1
Whenever someone reminded me of carpet cleaning, I was left in confusion. Whom to call, how to find out what kind of services they give, how to bargain for the price and other similar questions. But then thankfully I found Deluxe Cleaners. They took care of every carpet in my office and gave them a pristine look. Now whenever the carpets need cleaning, all I do is call Deluxe Cleaners and everything is taken care of.

Carpet Cleaning Best Service

5 5 1
We recommend deluxe carpet steam cleaning services. Brilliant carpet cleaner, great service.

Deluxe Service by Carpet Cleaners

5 5 1
As the name suggests, Deluxe Cleaners offer deluxe cleaning services. And there is no pun intended here. I literally mean to say that. My personal experience says that these guys are just PROs in what they do. Just give them a call, tell them when you are available and consider your job done in the finest manner! GREAT GOING!

Fantastic Service

5 5 1
I could not have been any happier than this! You guys saved our carpets from becoming complete trash. Fantastic carpet cleaning service, commendable customer service, and highly affordable price. It was simple and quick, and I have literally nothing to complain about!

Emergency Carpet Water Restoration Service

4 5 1
I can’t forget the sight when I first saw my lovely carpet drenched with water and soon I came to know that my maid had left a tap open by mistake. Immediately I called my carpet cleaners – Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning and asked them for urgent help. They arrived in no time and started to restore my carpet from water damage. A few hours of hard work and a few days of waiting and now my carpet is back to its normal look and feel. Thank you so much to the entire team for such a great effort!

Happy Carpet Steam Cleaning Service!

5 5 1
Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne gave a brand new look to my carpets with such a nice customer service. They provide happy service to their customers.

Exceptional Customer Service

5 5 1
Customer Service is something that is most compromised upon by even leading brands. But Deluxe Cleaners are surely made of different clay. They believe in providing nothing but the best to their customers and I can say that with confidence because I am their customer for the last 4 and a half years. And their flawless performance doesn’t let me look for another cleaner.
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Our Customer’s Testimonials

Complete Carpet Stain Removal

I am writing this quick email to say how pleased I am to get my carpets cleaned by Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne. Your entire team went above and beyond my expectations and removed every single stain from my lovely carpet. I have never experienced this high level of service before. I am so delighted to know a company that has such professional and friendly people as its representatives. I will not think twice before making a booking again with you guys for carpet or upholstery cleaning. Way to go!

Toni McDavitt

Feeling Overwhelmed with Carpet Cleaning

I am forced to write this because I am so overwhelmed by your services. The carpet cleaning that you provided a few weeks back at home was so impressive that I told about your company to my entire neighborhood (I am sure you must have got business from them by now). I am surely gonna try your other cleaning services as well! –

Analise Richard

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning is one of the finest professional commercial carpet cleaners in Melbourne. They know how to take care of a commercial environment and provide carpet cleaning services without disturbing the working environment. I always find it easy to co-ordinate with them and they take care of all my requests.

Kiarma Cole

Emergency Carpet Flood Damage Restoration

We are highly thankful to the entire team of Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne who stood by us in the time of need. They not just provided an emergency restoration service for our carpet damaged by flood but even advised on how we can take care of other belongings from damage. The technicians were not just experts but compassionate enough to understand our plight. We even made the payment after a week and they didn’t create any problem with that. Thanks for providing a humane cleaning service in Melbourne.


The Carpet Cleaning Specialists

After an unplanned party on the weekend, my carpets, upholstery, and leather lounges were extremely grubby. I could literally see food, wine, bear, mud, dirt, and even grass throughout the house. This was a big nightmare and I could not think of cleaning it on my own. So I called in the specialists from Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne. They properly cleaned all the carpets, rugs, and upholstery and offered me a discounted rate. Their service and price was excellent. Thank you!

- Rosita

Recommend to all

“Fantastic job of carpet cleaning! Thanks a ton to Deluxe Carpet Steam cleaning. I have already recommended you to many of friends.”
Oscar Wilson

Oscar Wilson

Brilliant Carpet Cleaning

I just wanted to express my gratitude to mark and his team offering a great same day service at comparable prices, and the did a brilliant job. Thanks again

Lee Singh

The Best Local Carpet Cleaner

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your wonderful service. My carpets came up a treat. The Best Local Carpet Cleaners in the town.

Rowan Bell

Stunning Performance by Local Carpet Cleaners

Thanks to Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne for an authentic and comprehensive carpet cleaning service. Your team gave a dramatic makeover to our carpets. The results left us speechless. And we are so happy to have chosen them for carpet cleaning services. You are truly the best local carpet cleaners here. – Mitchell


Our New Carpet Cleaning Office in Melbourne